The Story of Freedom School of Ministry


Freedom Life Church started in 2004 with $0 and 27 people and a clear calling to change the way people see God and embody the DNA of the kingdom. Now 15 years later we have seen God multiply our efforts by being a church of 1500 with multiple campuses. Our church has grown in size and scope, we are multicultural, and multi-generational, in both our congregation and leadership.  We have been able to do this because of a very effective leadership development system. Because so many churches have asked us how, we have decided to make it available exclusively online. This is FREEDOM SCHOOL OF MINISTRY.  

Freedom School of Ministry is an opportunity for us to invest in the future of what the Church will look like and the leaders that will shape it. Not only leaning on the legacy, experiences and resources of FLC, but learning from FLC and interactions around us – we have the chance to impart kingdom DNA in leaders locally and throughout the world. Freedom School of Ministry won’t be another program, but an immersive educational experience that coaches high potential leaders, on leading and growing in their sphere of influence. We are training leaders through our online learning platform.

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