We believe the value, scope, and sequence of our courses sets the Freedom School of Ministry apart





10 theological and 10 ministry courses to be accomplished over 2 years (Five 8-week semesters per year).

Freedom School of Ministry offers a dynamic online learning platform, personalized development plans, cohort learning, and spiritual development.

Our goal is to unite the spiritual and the practical to impact the Church.

Cohort Learning

Peer Accountability

Students will be paired with other students to be vulnerable with, to learn from, and to engage the material with. These students will journey with each other through the program.


Academic Coach/Advisor for Advising Accountability

Each student is paired with a coach who will walk with them on their journey of learning and growing

Monthly coaching meeting and monthly progress report

Coaches will maintain relationship with student’s ministry assignment leader and check in to determine growth area of students

Quarterly progress report from Senior leaders

Personalized Development

Personal Accountability


Self-Evaluation – with built-in reading and opportunities for growth.

Meet with your coach to work through your goals.

Check out our Discovering Spiritual Gifts course sample to see what it’s like to learn online and get a sneak peek at the content we provide!

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