Our mission is to equip, grow, and release kingdom leaders to influence their churches and community with a fresh vision for the future.

“I’m learning to apply theology and Holy Spirit revelation in a ministry context at Freedom School of Ministry. I’m consistently being led by a pastor and provided with practical guidance and personalized goals and expectations.”

Trevor Fisher

Pastor, Freedom Life Church

“Freedom School of Ministry was hands on learning with the grace to grow through trial and error and relevant teachings. I loved how FSOM didn’t stay stagnant, but actually developed alongside of me keeping one step ahead of me and my needs for growth.”

Lynn Walker

Pastor, Freedom Life Church

“At Freedom School of Ministry, I received a quality education on how to become a servant leader. Through workshops, mentorships, and community I learned how to lead with confidence, humility and strength.”
Tim McCain

Pastor, Freedom Life Church

Who We Are

Freedom Life Church started in 2004 with $0 and 27 people and a clear calling to change the way people see God and embody the DNA of the kingdom. Now 15 years later we have seen God multiply our efforts by being a church of 1500 with multiple campuses. Our church has grown in size and scope, we are multicultural, and multi-generational, in both our congregation and leadership. We have been able to do this because of a very effective leadership development system. Because so many churches have asked us how, we have decided to make it available exclusively online. This is FREEDOM SCHOOL OF MINISTRY.  

What We Offer

  • Practical and Theological Ministry Readiness
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to Seasoned Ministers/Influencers
  • Relevant Ministry Experience
  • Authentic Development
  • Diverse Cohort Learning
  • Faculty Diversity
  • Coaching for Ministry
  • Pastor Accountability

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